CCI Entertainment takes Little Lucas preschool TV beyond Brazil

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 05-03-2013

CCI Entertainment has acquired worldwide distribution rights to the preschool property Little Lucas and the Big Wagon.
CCI acquired the rights in a deal with Brazil's Glaz Entertainment at Rio Content Market. "The show follows Lucas, a little boy with a rich imagination, who lives in a colourful forest he built with materials found in his wagon," the company explained. "Together, Lucas and his friends tackle solving the world's small problems while learning about trust, friendship and self-confidence. Every day is a new adventure for them as they expand and embellish their forest to make room for the new animal friends they meet along the way."
Glaz is one of the main players in Brazilian content production market, with a slate that includes feature films, animation features, sitcoms and animated TV series. In 2013, Glaz is launching two prime time series: the animated Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids for Cartoon Network (Brazil and Latin America), and the sitcom Internship for Warner Channel (Brazil).
The company will also release two features this year: the comedy Valentine's, distributed by Buena Vista International and helmed by Roberto Santucci, whose previous films has attracted more than 12 million people to Brazilian cinemas, and the stop-motion children animation Earthworms, distributed by Fox Films.
"We are extremely excited to be working with Brazil's Glaz Entertainment on this series," said CCI Entertainment co-chairman and CEO Arnie Zipursky. "They are incredibly creative and we are looking forward to exploring several other opportunities with them in a range of genres."