How to rescue estar DM800se
Please install correct images to DM800se,otherwise the box canít boot up properly.For example,you should install estar images to DM800se with estar SIM card. DO NOT install estar images to DM800se with other SIM cards,or install other images to DM800se with estar SIM card!
If you install a wrong image to the box,the OLED will display as follow:

This tutorial will tell you how to rescue the box.
Download estar-DreamUP1337 and cp2012 driver from estar website,setup the driver.
Connect minuUSB to your PC,connect ethernet port to internet (DHCP).
Open estar-DreamUP1337,setup correct com port,donít seclect Use Network,click connect then power-on

Click Disconnect button ,find boxís IP on OLED,select Use Network and setup correct IP,
then power-off.
Click connect button and power-on,now you can flash correct estar images.