FreeWheel becomes Smooth operator for Xbox, Silverlight ad insertion

Parent Category: News | 11-03-2013

Online video monetisation technology firm FreeWheel has enhanced its Stream Stitching ad insertion product to support Microsoft Smooth Streaming.
A part of FreeWheel’s Monetization Rights Management solution, Stream Stitching enables dynamic ad insertion in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) environments and the enhancement will see users be able to insert advertising dynamically using server-side video manipulation on devices that support Microsoft Silverlight 5 or Xbox Lakeview platforms. Devices that use these formats include Microsoft’s Xbox video game console, Roku, iOS devices, some custom Android implementations, and other over-the-top devices.
The ad technology firm believes that the Xbox games console is hugely strategically important given the fact that the platform is now used more for online entertainment than online gaming. FreeWheel cites its Q4 2012 Video Monetisation Report which found that nearly a tenth of video viewing occurs on video game consoles, representing hundreds of millions of video views every quarter. FreeWheel adds that the growth of audiences on Xbox has created highly coveted advertising opportunities around content people engage with every day.
Microsoft Smooth Streaming allows for commercial breaks found on broadcast to remain intact—without buffering, stuttering, or advertising affecting the flow of the streaming video— but also includes the ability to serve dynamic, tailored advertising.
MSS includes digital rights management (DRM) through Microsoft PlayReady, allowing for digital content to be distributed safely across its platforms. FreeWheel’s Stream Stitching technology works compatibly within that content protection mechanism and the company adds that Stream Stitching technology also brings with it additional benefits such as being able to find specific viewing audiences, at scale.