NAB 2013: Masstech expands senior management as it addresses multiscreen newsroom

Editor | 13-03-2013

As it strives to offer solutions for the modern, multiscreen newsroom, Masstech has hired what it believes are two of the best known experts in computer systems for the challenging environment.
Appointing former Avid iNews product manager Savva Mueller, and Mike Palmer, the former director of ENPS Design at Associated Press, is said to reflect Masstech's plans to expand its core expertise in media asset management and transcoding to help evolve the news environment.
The new hires come at a time of optimism for the provider of media asset management and transcoding tools, which also revealed that it had achieved record sales growth, nearly 14%, for fiscal 2012, driven by global demand for high value workflow solutions. To address this demand, Masstech claims to be able to allow media companies to effectively save, find, connect to, and produce with their content assets.
"As excited as I am by Masstech's successes during the past year, I think the additions of Savva and Mike to our team are tremendous endorsements of where Masstech is headed in the near future," said Masstech CEO and president Joe French. "Our solid, trusted foundation in asset management and tight integration within the newsroom desktop puts Masstech in a unique position to help newsrooms evolve to make more effective use of all the resources that go into news."