M7 makes SmarDTV move in conditional access to support pay-TV services

Editor | 13-03-2013
European satellite services provider M7 Group has made significant enhancements to its content protection infrastructure.
Established in October 2009 in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, M7 boasts over two million subscribers operating CanalDigitaal in the Netherlands, TV Vlaanderen in Flanders and TéléSAT in French-speaking Belgium, AustriaSat in Austria and CS Link and Skylink for the Czech and Slovak market. All brands offer tailor made packages for clients adapted to the local culture and language in these countries.
In attempting to protect its services more rigorously, M7 has deployed the latest generation of Kudelski SmarDTV conditional access modules (CAM) in its network in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The SmarCAM-3.5 modules embed the latest generation of the NAGRA conditional access system across all channels offer by M7 Group, directly accessible on integrated Digital Televisions (iDTVs) with an original TV remote control or through a variety of set-top boxes sold in the retail market in the Netherlands and Belgium. For further business benefit, the module can be installed without any new cabling and is said to remain invisible once installed.
"We have been successfully collaborating with SmarDTV for many years and are delighted to introduce a new CAM to ensure our content remains well protected and easily accessible on different retail devices," explained Hans Troelstra, chief operational officer of M7 Group. "These new modules provide our subscribers with an attractive solution that can be used with iDTVs equipped with satellite tuners which are becoming more and more popular in our markets."