Over a one-third of smartphone, tablet owners use device with TV

Editor | 13-03-2013
Connected homes are seemingly getting more connected as research from Parks Associates has found that 36% of smartphone owners and 35% of tablet owners search for product/service information on the device while watching TV.
Investigating second-screen experiences and usage, the mobile and app research also revealed that consumers are increasingly using connected devices and second-screen apps as alternatives to traditional remote controllers and interactive programme guides (IPGs). Over one-third also regularly use apps to search for show-related information or check listings while in front of the TV.
"With second-screen offerings for TV shows like Breaking Bad and Glee, companies are catching up to current habits of viewers, who are already interacting with their mobile devices while watching TV," commented senior research analyst Heather Way, Parks Associates.
Even though the prospects for more mobile use seem good, the research also warned of the need for service providers to improve the connected consumer experience, highlighting the challenges in deploying and improving second-screen services.