Hi, i have a Amiko 8840 combo with firm 1.5.26emu and i riceve the cline that i set in the netclient config.The problem is the following:
When i insert the servername with the letters (type: supersat.guest.to) the server connects only after running the ping command (blu key) otherwise it continues to report failed login.
When insert the servername with the number (type:102.x.x.x) the server immediately connects automatically, without the need of the ping command.
How can I fix this situation???

P.S. In both cases, after the connection everything works fine, but for the server with have a dynamic ip, for me a nuisance not being able to enter the servername at letters or always run before the command ping, to connect.

Thank you for help..!!![IMG]http://www.*********************/images/smilies/okey.gif[/IMG]