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Thread: DreamBox 800HD PVR Problem

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    DreamBox 800HD PVR Problem

    Recently I bought a DreamBox 800HD PVR from a guy and it worked perfectly I received all channels and all (via cardshare)
    I accidently updated the box and then when ever I turn it on it says:
    On the screen: Nemesis 2.3
    Enigma 2
    and on the box:

    What shall I do
    Am I supposed to reflash it or what
    I asked the guy who gave it to me he said he would charge 60E!!lol and that is very expensive so I thought maybe I could find a way to fix the problem
    The guy said I need to flash the dreambox(I do not even am sure if it has even been fully updated or not, have no clue)It just says booting...
    The guy said after I reflashed it I will need the key for the cardsharing and he gave it to me now I will leave the entering the key for cardsharing later lets solve the flashing problem first
    What are your suggestions what is wrong? and if I need to flash, how do I do it? Any simple guide

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    Re: DreamBox 800HD PVR Problem

    I have been looking around is this what I am supposed to do

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