Neotion launches compliant CI+ 1.3 CAM range
March 14, 2013 07.58 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Neotion introduces a new generation platform for CAMís, fully compliant with the CI+ V1.3 Standard.

The new range offers to satellite, terrestrial and cable pay-TV operators an extended set of new features when combined with new CI+ 1.3 TV models soon in commercial deployment.

The CI+ interface is now 100% available on all iDTV sold across Europe (200 million of devices already deployed) and will start to be implemented in the rest of the world. In addition to that, CI+ specifications (V1.3) hugely reduce the gap between the Conditional Access Module (CAM) and the set-top-box offering real enhancements through the CAM.

The delivery of value added services by pay-TV providers is a reality with the new LSC CAM CI+ 1.3 product range, whatever the Conditional Access System embedded in the Neotion CAM or type of network used by the operators.

The CI+ 1.3 resources such as operator profile, low-speed communication V3, application man machine interface V1 or host control V2 increase operator control over content usage with the new features in the CAM, further enhancing the couple TV-set plus CAM.

For example, the operator profile resource provided by the CI+ 1.3 NEOTION CAM allows the operatorís customised channel list and numbering to be used by the TV and CAM bundle as it is done with a set-top-box. Furthermore, the LSC resource also made available by the CI+ 1.3 CAM enables the viewers to run interactive applications and non-linear services such as Video on Demand, Catch-Up TV or customised EPG, without the need for any STB.