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Thread: Please help me on loading matrix reborn new firmware

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    Please help me on loading matrix reborn new firmware

    Hi all! I have a matrix reborn module. I want to upgrade to version zcas1.1. I installed UCAS loader 1.3 After opening the loader I clicked on File - Select and directed to the file zcas1.1.upd and then clicked on download.
    There is an error message "Sorry, an error ocurred while downloading" and inside the program windows there is another error message "Note: Please, be sure that a FREE-TO-AIR channel is selected in your STB when downloading.
    Error: Serial port can not be opened!".

    Can you help me please!!!! It has been very boring for me while I read on the forum that it seems to be so easy.
    I'm using a Packard Bell laptop.
    There is no RS232 port on my laptop. Does it help? I'm using windows XP SP2.

    Thanks for your help!!!!!

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    Re: Please help me on loading matrix reborn new firmware

    on ucas loader 1.3 select pcmci port ->cam 0 , not serial port

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