Film Four & Film Four +1: 18-03-2013.

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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00A Town Like Alice[SUB BW]Second World War PoW Jean Paget is sent on a gruelling forced march between Japanese labour camps, but finds comfort in her friendship with Australian captive Joe Harman. During the journey Joe is caught stealing, tied to a cross and left to die. After the conflict is over, Jean is startled to receive a letter postmarked in Joe's home town of Alice Springs. Jack Lee's drama, based on the novel by Nevil Shute, starring Virginia McKenna, Peter Finch, Takagi and Jean AndersonFilm/General Movie/Drama

13:20Operation Petticoat[SUB AD]A Second World War submarine captain tries to restore his crippled vessel to its former glory, but is thwarted by his first officer, who has invited a party of nurses, children and an expectant mother on board. Mayhem ensues as the skipper struggles to rein in the female influence on ship protocol. Comedy, starring Cary Grant, Tony Curtis and Joan O'BrienFilm/Comedy

15:40The Bedford Incident[SUB BW HD]A ruthless captain of a US destroyer develops an obsession with tracking down a Russian submarine. As he drives his men harder, he fails to anticipate the consequences of his actions - leading to a fatal mistake. Cold War thriller, starring Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier, Martin Balsam, Wally Cox, Eric Portman and Donald SutherlandFilm/Detective/Thriller

17:45Australia Interview Special[SUB REP]A look at the making of director Baz Luhrmann's epic romantic adventure Australia, starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole KidmanFilm/Cinema

17:50Australia[SUB HD]An aristocratic Englishwoman inherits a vast cattle station in the Australian Outback in the 1930s. When her land comes under threat from a rival farmer aiming to build a monopoly, she is forced to lead her herd across the wilderness to secure the farm's future, falling for a tough stock-man and forming a friendship with a half-Aboriginal boy along the way. However, as they make their journey, the country becomes drawn into the Second World War. Baz Luhrmann's epic romantic drama, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh JackmanFilm/General Movie/Drama

21:00GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra[SUB HD]When a powerful experimental weapon is snatched by a mysterious terrorist organisation, two of the soldiers guarding it are recruited into a top-secret military strike force. As they go in search of the stolen technology, they uncover a plot by its creator to take over the world. Action adventure, with Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller and Christopher EcclestonFilm/Adventure

23:15Fish StoryPremiere. The world faces destruction in an iminent collision with a comet. However, a record shop owner is convinced the key to saving the human race lies in an obscure 1975 punk single, that in decades past has played a pivotal role in a number of strange events. Comedy drama, starring Kengo Kora and Vincent Giry. In JapaneseFilm/Comedy/General Movie/Drama

01:35Hear My Song[SUB]The owner of a struggling nightclub claims he will host a performance by the legendary reclusive tenor Josef Locke. He ends up booking an imposter, but when the ruse is exposed, he faces the wrath of both his girlfriend and the entire community, so heads to Ireland to redeem himself by persuading the real Locke to come out of retirement for one last show. Comedy, starring Adrian Dunbar and Ned BeattyFilm/Comedy