Eyepartner announces customised IPTV creation services

Michelle Clancy | 18-03-2013

Eyepartner is rolling out customised installation for a wide variety of its IPTV enablement products and services, including the TikiLIVE HD broadcaster, white-label set-top boxes and the NetUP DVB to IP Gateway 4X.
Some of the products that feature customised installation include the new touchscreen HD Broadcaster preloaded with HDWave, which supports live HD streaming. Eyepartner can also brand set-top boxes to match broadcasters' networks so the brand stays in front of the customer. With the NetUP DVB, channels can be pulled from satellite and published directly to the IPTV platform.
"Broadcasters can receive customised IPTV installation with all of our products and services," said Tim Green, CTO at Eyepartner. "It's part of the service we offer to help configure devices from A to Z, and shorten time to the market."
Eyepartner's billing middleware solution and quality of service (QoS) networking monitoring also can be customised to fit the broadcaster's specific needs, such as the number of viewers.
"Eyepartner allows broadcasters to easily monetise content and create unlimited channels that may be broadcast live and pre-recorded for rebroadcast to websites, mobile devices and set-top boxes," the company said. "The company is the trusted HD standard for delivering complete solutions requiring interactive video content to media companies, enterprises and Web publishers alike. With customised installation, broadcasters can do this easier and faster."