ABC launches upgraded flagship apps

Louise Duffy | 18-03-2013
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has refreshed its flagship apps for the iPhone and iPad. Available as an automatic update to the existing main ABC apps, the upgrades offer new functionality and a more intuitive user experience.
The new design is part of a redevelopment of ABC’s online presence. The cleaner interface brings news to the foreground, showcasing radio and TV content. Richer article pages allow users easy access to a wide range of content from different ABC sources including text, audio and video. This follows an update to the Android version in the last fortnight.
The ABC’s MD, Mark Scott, said: “Smartphones and tablets are transforming how and where we consume news and information. The ABC must meet the challenge of delivering content to the audience at a time they want and on the device and format they prefer.
“Our new ABC flagship apps are part of that strategy. In the mobile era, we need to constantly evolve our products. We plan to release updates more frequently in 2013, including another improved Android version in June this year.”
A new feature in the app invites people to ‘Wake up with the ABC’ by setting an alarm that links to the ABC programme of their choice. ABC audiences can start the day by catching news, sport or weather in 90 seconds, ABC News 24 or a live radio programme.
The new versions of the ABC apps for iPhone and iPad will support iOS4.3.5+ and are available now from the Apple App Store. The update to align the existing Android version will follow shortly.