WFN partners with Rentrak to track viewer engagement

Michelle Clancy | 19-03-2013

The World Fishing Network (WFN) has inked a deal with Rentrak provide TV ratings and audience measurement information in the US market.
The deal comes hot on the heels of Stan Kroenke's Kroenke Sports & Entertainment swooping in to outbid Intermedia to acquire Outdoor Channel Holdings.

Rentrak maintains a database of passively-measured TV viewing information merged with consumer purchase behaviour statistics to create a system for understanding how purchasers of products interact with television programming.
"Rentrak's TV measurement service allows WFN to schedule our programming more effectively, which ultimately adds even greater value to the network's advertising partners," said WFN director of programming, Ana Rodrigues.
"WFN is excited to be working with Rentrak, a leader in the TV ratings space," said Keri Mahe, vice president of sales and sponsorship for WFN. "The information that Rentrak provides WFN is an excellent resource for us to best serve our sponsors and advertisers. The precise, targeted view that Rentrak gives us delivers clear insight into the TV viewing and purchasing habits of our audience, ensuring our clients know not only how many people are watching but also who is watching."