Ocean Blue launches Horizon HbbTV solution

March 19, 2013 07.32 Europe/London By Robert Briel
Connected software solutions provider Ocean Blue is launching their Horizon HbbTV solution at TV Connect in London.
Horizon HbbTV middleware will enable manufacturers and operators to provide set-top boxes and iDTVs with full connected TV functionality, allowing access to sites such as You Tube, Flickr and local catch up services; via a consistent user interface and sitting alongside the linear broadcast.
“Ocean Blue is an active supporter of the HbbTV standard and our development of a fully compliant solution comes at an exciting time for us, particularly when HbbTV is emerging as the dominant platform to unite broadcast and connected TV,” said Paul Martin, CEO of Ocean Blue.
Ocean Blue’s connected TV software is modular by design and includes the Sunrise DVB stack which is browser agnostic and already ported to work with ACCESS and Opera. In addition to the Horizon HbbTV software, it also includes Ocean Blue’s CI+ module.