Consumers frustrated at DVR limitation

March 19, 2013 08.26 Europe/London By Julian Clover
Motorola Mobility’s Fourth Annual Media Engagement Barometer has found consumers developing a love for multiscreen content, but frustration with DVR storage.
The 9,500-consumer survey, conducted in 17 countries, saw 68% of participants across the globe had to delete content because they had run out of storage of their devices. 79% say this has caused frustration in their house, women being more frustrated than men!
It is not clear whether this is an argument for larger hard drives or storage in the cloud.
John Burke, senior vice president and general manager, Converged Solutions, Motorola Mobility comments, “This year’s study shows us that consumers take their viewing experiences very seriously. They want to be firmly in control of the way they experience their videos, but they’re frustrated. Increasingly, they’re using tablets and smartphones to view their content, and they expect this experience to transition seamlessly across their favorite programs, whenever and wherever they like. Motorola is enabling this shift through innovation in the cloud, the network and the home. We’re delivering content experiences free of boundaries, complexity and impairment.”
The survey suggests 29% of content is now watched from recordings, but a third of shows recorded are never watched.
Three quarters would like content loaded onto mobile devices so they can watch it on the move with 76% interested in a service that would automatically load content onto their mobile phone or tablet to enjoy on the move.
This kind of service is not too far removed from Apple’s Newsstand or indeed the recently introduced Sky Go download service, the latter priced at a premium.
The living room remains the centre for television, but tablets are now starting to eclipse broadcast for content in the bedroom. 10% of tablets are used in the kitchen.
36% of consumers globally are watching broadcast TV in the master bedroom, and countries with above-average consumption in the bedroom include Argentina (62%), the US (54%) and Russia (49%).