Hi Folks,

My Sonicview 360 Premiere won't start up when I plug in the outliet.

When I plug in the SV-360 Premiere, on the front panel it looks like
the displays flickering every second.

I showed it to my 20 years old nephew, and he thinks it must be
a power supply inside that needed to be replace????

On the front panel, when the displays flicks, the 3 digit numbers
looks like either in 3 0s or 3 8s.

So, is anyone familar to this problem???
When plug in the SV-360 Premier, on the front panel, the displays
of both the channel part and the blue logo of "Sonicview", flickering
second and second.

If you think this sounds like more of the power supply, then where
can I get a replacement one??? And how much does it cost???
I know that Sonicview USA wouldn't help, because I'd e-mail them
before for other problem, and they haven't respond to my query.

Anyone here can help??? Would appreciate to know.

It's cost too much to have it repair by sending it to "FTA Repairs"
in New Jersey. And I'm from Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.


Thank you,