Hi Folks,

I am wondering is there any latest technology in a way of getting
FTA receivers to do "Decryption" on FTA channels that are encrypted
by Negravision 3???

I have
Sonicview 360 Premier
Pansat 9200HD
Viewsat 2000
Dreambox 800 HD ( Cloned from China )
F3 Skybox Receiver

I believe there gotta be a file that would decrypt "SOLO"
without needing to use the ethernet connection, which most
and latest FTA receivers do have, now.

The other interesting thing I would like to point out is...

Have you ever head of "Trimax" SM-2200. It's a satellite finder
that's finds FTA channels when setting up the dish. But what it
has in it is a "unique" transponder that would allow to view a
Decrypted channel, SOLO, and NO need to use the ethernet or
slot card. With this Trimax SM-2200 satellite finder, it doesn't provide
an audio/video outputs. Because Trimax wouldn't want users to take
advantage of it to watch a decrypted channel from this device.

However, I'm able to download a BIN file for or from SM-2200 satellite
finder, which includes it's unique transponder that opens encyption

See, I wish there's something like that for FTA receivers, other than
Trimax satellite finder.

I've asked Trimax for a service manual for the SM-2200 sat finder.
And the sale rep. responded with a LIE, saying "No, we do not have
a service manual." That's because, I believe, they don't want you
to know how to find the audio/video output from inside of SM-2200
sat finder to output the channels to watch that can be decrypt with
it's unique transponder.

Any suggestions???? Anyone who's familar with Trimax's sat finder
products that decrypt FTA channels, and probably know how to access
the video and audio output to TV or other source????

Hope my query helps for answers.

Thank you,