Film Four & Film Four +1: 26-03-2013.

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11:00Yangtse Incident[SUB AD BW]A British frigate is heavily shelled and taken captive by Chinese communists on the Yangtse River in 1949. After a failed rescue mission by a sister ship, the remaining crew members put into action a daring escape plan that involves disguising the vessel and slipping her moorings under the cover of darkness. Fact-based action adventure, starring Richard Todd, William Hartnell and Akim TamiroffFilm/Adventure/War

12:50A Letter to Elia[SUB HD]Martin Scorsese presents a tribute to Elia Kazan, director of On the Waterfront and A Streetcar Named Desire, and discusses the influence these films had on his own moviesDocumentary/Film/Cinema

14:00The Day The Earth Stood Still[SUB BW HD]An alien ambassador lands his spaceship in America and warns humanity that Earth risks imminent destruction by an interplanetary alliance unless it abandons its warlike ways - and is promptly shot by the military. The wounded visitor is forced to live among humans, but his powerful robot servant is poised to punish mankind for its aggression. Sci-fi drama, with Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal and Hugh MarloweFilm/Science Fiction

15:50The Remains of the Day[SUB HD]A butler in a 1930s aristocratic household has dedicated himself to serving his master, putting duty above all else and repressing his affection for the housekeeper, who also happens to be in love with him. On the outbreak of war, the nobleman's Nazi sympathies come to light, marking a change of heart in the old servant, who looks back with misgivings about the loyalty that may have cost him dearly. Period drama, with Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson and James FoxFilm/General Movie/Drama

18:30Spirited AwayA family on their way to a new home take a detour in what appears to be an abandoned amusement park. When the parents help themselves to food, they end up turned into pigs. Their 10-year-old daughter goes to work in a bath house for Japan's various gods and spirits in the hope that one of them can provide a cure. Animated fantasy, with the voices of Rumi Hiragi and Miyu Irino. In Japanese. Part of the Studio Ghibli SeasonFilm/Animated Movie/Drama

21:00The Godfather: Part III[SUB HD]Twenty years after ordering the murder of his brother, ageing don Michael Corleone is close to fulfilling his dream of severing his family's Mafia ties and gaining legitimacy, but vengeful enemies and the actions of his hot-headed nephew soon draw him back into a life of crime. Conclusion of Francis Ford Coppola's crime drama trilogy, starring Al Pacino, Andy Garcia, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire, Eli Wallach, Bridget Fonda and Joe MantegnaFilm/General Movie/Drama/Detective/Thriller

00:20Serpico[SUB HD]An idealistic undercover cop in 1960s New York is ostracised by his fellow officers for his refusal to take bribes. Sickened by the widespread corruption in the force and the refusal of his superiors to do anything, he sets out to publicly expose the guilty parties, putting his own life on the line in the process. Fact-based drama directed by Sidney Lumet, starring Al Pacino and John RandolphFilm/Detective/Thriller

02:55Danny Boyle Interview SpecialFilm/Cinema

03:05Peter Jackson on The Lord of the Rings TrilogyThe director discusses the making of his trilogy of fantasy movies based on JRR Tolkien's novelFilm/Cinema