Sandvine wins $3MN in follow-on OSS orders from North American cableco

Michelle Clancy | 26-03-2013
Broadband policy and OSS specialist Sandvine has nabbed $3 million in follow-on orders from a North American cable operator which has been a Sandvine customer since 2005.
The orders were received in March and represent the ongoing expansion of the operator's deployment of business intelligence and traffic optimisation solutions.
Network Analytics, one of Sandvine's BI products, forecasts long-term trends in consumer experience and resource utilisation so that operators can proactively decide where to allocate resources and spending. Sandvine's Fairshare Traffic Management product uses network data to apply business rules that protect subscribers' quality of experience under various network conditions.
"The strength and longevity of the relationships with our cable customers is attributable to ongoing product innovation that reflects more than a decade of experience working with top MSOs," said Tom Donnelly, Sandvine's COO for sales and global services. "As the cable market and Internet usage have evolved, we have continued to deepen the insight we offer into network traffic and enhance the flexibility of policies for improving the subscriber experience."