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Thread: Dreambox 7025 and positioner - how???

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    Dreambox 7025 and positioner - how???

    Hi all!
    How I can use 7025 with positioner? I use last Gemini and have 2 LNB, diseq 1.2.
    The problem: when I choose positioner in options, or choose advanced options and choose positions of the positioner and add LNB to the satellites, I haven't a signal (level is 30%). But I can move the dish. I have signal only when I choose simply diseq 1.2 in options without motor. And I can't move the dish. Also I have Dream 7020 and it work with positioner perfectly. Please help anybody.

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    Re: Dreambox 7025 and positioner - how???


    I would say that it's like a known bug on dreambox : they have the signal but they display only 30-40 %. Try to scan anyway a transponder by positionning manually the dish and the screen should come back correctly after that.

    Some users says that this is a problem of image and that you should put another image on your box.

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