Hi ...

Just got hold of a mrb CAM today.

Came programmed with mrb 3.12c.

The CAM is visible in the CA Setup menu - displayed as mrb 3.12 (in either CI slot).

First point - I don't have any card in this CAM, since the CAM is supposed to be able to decode channels without one?

Surfed through loads of scrambled channels (all encryption types), but receiver reports 'E34 Sevice Currently Scrambled' - never asks for a card ...

... except when I select an Irdeto scrambled channel - the receiver asks for a card, since it I has embedded Irdeto.

On one successful note, I did manage to program the CAM to mrb 3.17 using my laptop's PCMCIA card and UCAS loader (had to use zcas > ucas first).

However - no joy decrypting even after the upgrade.

Tried the '777' magic number trick maybe this was only for older Matrix CAM's.

Am I missing something to enable/initialise this CAM in the receiver.

Of course, the Manhattan's user manual is really a 'useless' manual!

Thanks for any info in advance ...

Ferret :o)