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Thread: My Dreambox, need help

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    Question My Dreambox, need help

    Hi Folks,

    Have a problem with my Dreambox 800HD.
    Hope any of you could help, would be appreciated.

    Do I really have to be connect to the interent network
    in order to receive satellite FTA channels??? Even
    if I want JUST true FTA channels???
    Shouldn't be if it for true FTA channels.

    When I want to setup satellites, I went to "Setup",
    and to "Turner Configuration" to select a satellite, and
    to "Manual Scan" and then to "Sat Finder",
    all that turned out to be "0 found, 0 service".
    Now, wait a minute, when it says "0 service",
    does that mean I'm NOT on the internet???
    If I have to, would "Skybox" USB Wi-Fi adapter work???

    If I do wish NOT to be on the interent, how do I change it
    so that it wouldn't say "Scan Done! 0 services found"???

    Enclosed some screen shots of Dreambox screen displays, to
    show you what I did. I also numbered each screen shot in order.

    I video recorded the activity setup onto a DVD-RW disc, and I made a
    screen shot of frames to show you.

    I hope that you would be able to help with answers.

    Thank you,
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