Hello peeps,

I was helping my father in law with his small cardsharing at home, he was/is using a dm600pvr as a server and client in the living room.
He bought a dm500hd and wanted that one as a server and client in the livingroom and the older 600pvr in the caravan.

Now was I a complete noob when it came to cardsharing but I did learn quite a lot while trying, i put gemini 5.1 on the hd box and installed mdcamd 1.38c and newcs 1.67-jsc.
After changing the files i was getting a image on the hd box but it was hanging almost constantly, but I thought that was because I was using the same username and password from the 600pvr.

Then all out of nothing when pressing the blue button from the 600 pvr it hanged and never booted again, I did manage to retrieve some files with dcc luckily.
So now I really had to make the hd box work!

So I reinstalled mgcamd and newcs (1.38c and 1.67-JSC), put all files in place. changed the port in the modem and voila it worked with the bedroom box.
I also managed to install a new gemini version on the 600pvr, installed mgcamd 1.35a and newcs 1.67, (it must also function as a back-up server just in case).
gave both boxes a new usename so that they dont conflict with eachother.

I am pretty sure I checked the 600pvr as a client with the 500hd, but dont know for sure.

but now the rel problem, he has 2 persons connection to his box outside of the house, i thought everything was working well but it seemed that they hadnt have any picture the last 1.5 month but thought it ws the box which was faulty.

He replaced the 500hd with the 600pvr as a server and they can look again, but the 500hd is hanging all the time when in use as a client.
Now was the old mgcamd on the 600pvr I think 1.29 and the newcs 1.50, so i recon that the others have the same installed on theirs.

What is giving the conflict?
Is it the old mgcamd versus the newer version?
That shouldnt matter cause newcs is the one sending it right?
Or is it the newcs that is causing the problem and must we install an older one instead on both and will that help?

weird thing is that on both the newcs 1.67 is installed but with the 500hd the other boxes dont work but with the 600pvr they do, except the one in the bedroom but thats a octo... something.

is there anyone who can shed a light on this?

I know its much to read but I try to make it as clear as possible, if not.. please ask!

Thanks in advance!