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Thread: cas interface 3 on windows 8 (or any other incompatible usb device)

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    cas interface 3 on windows 8 (or any other incompatible usb device)

    cas interface 3 on windows 8

    so you hit the wall of driver signing heres how to run cas studio on windows 8.

    you need:
    - newest cas studio setup files
    - vm virtual box
    - a copy of windows xp 32bit
    - patience

    first, setup a virtual machine running windows xp.

    sencond, install the ( Devices > Install Guest Additions ) on the virtual mechine from the top menu (devices)

    third, share a folder from your computer with the guest virtual machine (Devices > Shared Folders )

    fourth, copy cas studio setup files to the shared folder on your host computer, install the cas studio.

    fifth, in Devices > USB Devices select your cas interface, it will show as unknown, if you got multiple unknown devices, disconnect it, check the list for the end numbers, reconnect and pick the one which number didnt show before. you should hear the windows xp usb device connected sound. thats it you can use your cas studio again.


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    Re: cas interface 3 on windows 8 (or any other incompatible usb device)

    I recommend disable driver signing in windows 8, install the driver and it works well!

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