Hi Folks,

I'm trying out on the Skybox F3 FTA receiver.

I hooked it up and it work with my C-band system.

The point is....

I notice on the satellites, something's missing on this
Skybox F3 model.....

On the screen there's NO CLOSED CAPTIONED for the Deaf
and hearing impaired.

I tried to search for if there anything I miss.

Nope, all language settings are ENGLISH.

I press SUBTITLE and on the screen it says "No data".

So, I'm asking does Skybox F4 and F5 which they're the latest ones,
has CLOSED CAPTIONING??? In other words, does has a VBI 21 lines
to receive Closed captioned???

I think the F3 model is the older version of Skybox.

Anyone knows????

I checked all selected satellites I choose from, and this F3
Skybox model doesn't receive CLOSED CAPTIONING.

Hope my query helps for answers.

Thank you,