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Thread: Oscam cache-ex and wait_time ?

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    Oscam cache-ex and wait_time ?


    If have a little doubt. Maybe this just my simple view of how this works and completely wrong. Maybe someone would care to comment?

    If one would use for example the "wait_time = 400" to wait for cache to come in. This would increase the time before we start asking our readers for a CW with 400ms while we wait for a cached CW to come in or not. In case no cache hit then my local card will be asked, will also answer 400ms later than normal with a CW and then push this to my cache-ex peers.

    Isnīt this a bad thing since my own generated cache will have an additional latency and then send to other cache-ex peers?

    I mean, if everyone would set the wait_time to a higher value, then my own localīs generated cache will show up in others peoples cache later so they would have to increase their wait_time again. Itīs a bit like a dog chasing itīs own tail..


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    Re: Oscam cache-ex and wait_time ?

    That thought is mostly correct.., but remember that only one single (non-cached) CW is needed to answer all requests connected by cache..
    Practically, a non-cached cw is mostly available in any meshed cache setup.

    3 things are helping to prevent these delays;

    - Dynamic waittime ((auto) - will turn waittime off after a few non-cached CW's
    - Don't set waittime too high.. (obviously)
    - Everyone should help each other to connect with cache-ex.. even when they are not using it by themselves.. (pushing non-delayed cache)


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