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Thread: Technocom X-15000 & X-12000

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    Technocom X-15000 & X-12000

    hello there, well a couple of days ago i noticed that both of my receivers has stopped broadcasting some of my channels of my Sirius satellite (noticeably Hustler TV & Blue Hustler) but i have the Travel channel still running like usual. Do i need a software or firmware upgrade ?? i have these receivers from almost 2 years now and never updated them before, so i wish i can get some help here form you guys out there.

    Something else, my X-15000 can be connected to the internet to open some scrambled channels, so maybe i can update through internet or via a USB and please can you tell me the steps to do the upgrade and if its safe to do it at home or should i take it to someone and pay for it.

    Thank you for your help dear members, hope we can interact more in the future.

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    Re: Technocom X-15000 & X-12000

    so guys, please, can someone help me here to find out my problem with the receiver ??

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    Re: Technocom X-15000 & X-12000

    so guys, the world cup 2014 is here !!! any new firmware update for the Technocom X-15000 and the Technocom X-12000 ??

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