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Thread: Diablo light 2.3, usefull?

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    Question Diablo light 2.3, usefull?


    I have found my old Diablo CAM light 2.3 with CAS interface 3 Plus (after moving from an house to another).
    Is there something we can do with this card on ASTRA (without upgrade to version 2) ?


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    Re: Diablo light 2.3, usefull?

    Important! Before doing anything with your CAM have a look here :
    read carefully all posts (have a read at the 1st page of this thread as well).
    The latest Underworld .dup file compatible with your CAM light v2.3 is the UW v.216,
    DO NOT try loading any newer version.
    The only ch's you could get on Astra1/19.2°E are 14 French ones out of TNT-pack,
    but I can not confirm if they still clear on Diablo emulation for sure.

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