Hi guys
any one knw abt blue-panel,,,,where is this option in dreambox 500S....?

in my dream box this option is nt showing ,,,,,,i want to do this ( And what is cccam.cfg )

You can do the password reset from within the dreambox by doing the following:
1- the password is saved within filename called passwd under sub-directory var/etc
2- you have to download a plugin called Tuxbox Commander, here is the full explanation, you must be connected to the internet:
a- go to setup / blue-panel / addons / Download & install / plugins / tuxcom 1.16 "or latest rev"
b- select this plugin & press OK, yes to download, so now the downloaded file is stored under plugins
c- go back to blue-panel / plugins / select the files you just downloaded & press OK
d- scroll down on the left panel to the directory /var, then etc and find file called passwd
e- press 4 to edit this file
f- you will see 4 lines, where the 1st line contains the password and look like this= root:JAx4scY.u7P:0:0::/:/bin/sh
g- now you have to change the characters between the first 2 colons, ie between :xxxx: using the remote control, with the following (case sensitive) characters which is the encryted format of the original password dreambox.
the characters are V26.Uf.kSvoYg
h- the first line should look like this
now save the changes and exit all the way, reboot your receiver and then you can login with user name: root
and password: dreambox

NOTE: using this way NO files, images or settings are deleted, while with factory reset you will loose everything.