PBS takes Aspera deployment public

Parent Category:| 04-04-2013

PBS has deployed high speed video file transfer and management solutions from Aspera for multiscreen content distribution.

Reaching an audience of nearly 120 million viewers per month through TV, PBS has expanded its reach to include video streaming services for desktops, tablets, smartphones and other streaming devices. In January 2013, Americans watched 229 million videos across all of PBS' Web and mobile platforms. PBS content is also consumed through a growing number of providers such as Netflix, LodgeNet, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and Comcast On Demand.
To enable its multiscreen strategy, PBS transcodes its video into a variety of formats and delivers it via the Internet to partners around the country.
PBS selected the Aspera Enterprise Server to run transfers over a 90Mbps public Internet pipeline and Aspera Console for real-time transfer monitoring and control.
After receiving content from producers, PBS' media operations centre performs quality control checks, initiates transcode jobs in the target formats needed for streaming, and then drops the newly created video files into hot folders where Aspera Enterprise Server automatically retrieves and delivers them at high speed to video streaming partners.
"With Aspera, I don't need to worry because it does the job we need it to do which is predictable delivery times and excellent reliability regardless of the vagaries of the Internet," said Steve Wynn, director of engineering and maintenance at the PBS MOC.
Aspera Console is used by PBS' engineering and maintenance staff to monitor and control transfers in real time, adjusting bandwidth allocation to reflect project priorities, as well as by casual operators, such as the editors and technicians working with video files.
"We look forward to continuing to work with PBS as they expand their distribution channels and add more complex workflows into their existing Aspera system," said Michelle Munson, CEO and president of Aspera. "With the addition of Aspera Orchestrator, PBS will be able to take advantage of journaling, tracking, and other file management tools to support a fully-automated end-to-end production workflow."