Company continues to grow its range with latest V-series RF Matrix

Leading British-based global designer and manufacturer of RF distribution equipment, ETL Systems, is displaying its latest V-series RF Matrix for the first time at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas, 6 – 11 April.

ETL has a long history of designing equipment and is recognised internationally for superior quality and a very personal one-to-one service offering. The new series of products can be used in all sectors including broadcast.

All new products and innovations are developed and built by ETL’s growing team of R&D experts in the UK. The company has won multiple awards for its designs, benefiting from more than a quarter of a century of experience in the RF distribution sector.

New V-series RF Matrix launched at NAB 2013

On display will be the latest addition to the V-series at NAB. The family of products, designed and built at ETL’s base in the UK, includes the 128x128 Vulcan Matrix Router, the 64x64 Vortex Matrix Router, the NEW 16x32 Valiant Matrix and the 16x16 Victor Matrix. All are capable of remote control via serial or Ethernet port with SNMP and web browser interface.

US Headquarters Launched

ETL has recently expanded with the launch of its new North American headquarters in Washington DC to cope with a real surge in demand. More than 60 per cent of the company’s total annualised revenues now originate in North America. Former Intelsat and Harris Caprock satcom specialist, Susan Saadat has been appointed Vice President to lead the regional headquarters in Washington DC.

The expansion will support ETL’s already strong presence in the US market which accounts for almost two thirds of its total annualised broadcast, satellite communication, system integration and government orders.

V-Series Demo Units Shown at NAB 2013:

64x64 Vortex Matrix – Model VTX-10 – The Vortex is a high performance solution for frequent signal routing changes and designed for busy teleports and master control rooms (MCR) where rack space is short. With 64x64 inputs and outputs it is able to work as a distributive switch matrix or router for downlinking L-band signals or combining multiple technologies into one product.

16x32 Valiant Matrix – Model VLT-10 – The Valiant is ideal for smaller broadcast and satellite ground stations, providing the flexibility of dependable RF Routing. It is perfect for use by teleports with limited rack space for occasional use satcom traffic. The Valiant has recently been delivered for use in compact marine applications.

16x16 Victor Matrix – Model VTR-10 – The Victor is designed for television receive-only (TVRO), smaller teleports and satellite ground stations, providing the flexibility of RF routing. The matrix can be used for L-band, IF, and broadband applications.

Latest US Projects

ETL has been involved in a major US Government satellite downlink project to provide expansion and redundancy RF matrix systems for routing satellite signals. The heart of the systems were based on ETL’s proven Enigma Matrix modules. ETL’s 25-strong team of R&D experts also created a newly designed NGM-32 especially for the project, to handle a higher 1dB gain compression point of greater than 8dBm.

The NGM-33 (950-2450MHz) matrix has also recently been put into service with CP Communications to offer a unique solution to outside broadcasts. Along with newly developed matrix control software, multiple radio camera antennas can be seamlessly switched to diversity receivers and maintain coverage.

Other Demo Units Shown at NAB:

Dual Redundant Amplifier – Model 2570 – Also on display for the first time at NAB is ETL’s dual redundant amplifier unit which is typically used in the front end of the RF chain, providing cable loss for teleports, TVRO and head-ends. This amplifier unit contains dual redundant hot-swap L-band variable gain amplifier modules and is housed in a compact 1U high 19” rack mountable shelf. It operates over the 850-2150MHz frequency range, with up to 36dB gain and up to 8dB positive slope compensation.

2x1 Redundancy Switch – Model 23206 – This new switch may be used to provide redundancy for a main feed in the event of failure. It includes a modem alarm input for automatic switching and operates in the extended L-band (850-2450MHz) range. The shelf can be operated in manual, auto or remote mode with dual redundant power supplies for reliability in service. It is a non-latching coaxial relay often used as a failsafe to the standby feed and switches to standby if no power is applied.

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