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    i got many freeze and stop picture ,on my cardsharing server ?!!
    i have no cards,however i`m on cardsharing,but since the begining,have this probl,and i wonder someone knows about this and tell what should i do to fix that.
    i`ve change cwshare_cfg ,i`ve changed gbox_cfg and still no fix images .
    the thing isthat,i can see a programme ,from begin to end.!
    is supposed to get 1000 cards and i am just around 500 and loosing those all the time,(260,384,400,...).what could this be??my net connection is good,so is it a server problem ? hope someone can help.

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    Re: problems...

    post youre config here m8 without the dns adres ofcourse
    like the

    I { xx }
    X { xx }

    then post wich channels the freezes are the most
    also post on what dist you get the cards are they on dist 4 or hihger?

    so post some info and people can help you

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    you have too meny cards for provider, make I { 02 }
    X { 20 } so you bekome the carsd of you near distance and not so much of providers.


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