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NAB 2013: Conax extends multiscreen security to Columbus

Editor | 08-04-2013
Retail and wholesale telecommunications provider Columbus International has invested in the Conax Xtend Multiscreen security solution.
To be commercially deployed throughout the greater Caribbean, Andean and Central America regions in its Digital IP Video Platform, the Columbus platform supports live TV, VOD and a new network PVR feature, using adaptive bit rate technology. The features are being made available on hybrid digital STBs and multiscreen devices.
Explained Darren Richer, Columbus' chief technology officer: "In order to expand our reach across the region and be able offer new enhanced services in cost-effective ways – both on managed and unmanaged networks – we choose vendors who bring their respective strengths in products and knowledge, ultimately allowing us to deliver future-proof, adaptive bit rate technology to provide next generation TV services to our customers."
The platform comprises content security/DRM from Conax, a content management system from MPS Broadband and middleware from Cubiware. It embraces benefits of the cloud, providing both a simpler and dynamic user experience for accessing content securely over digital hybrid STBs from Evolution Digital and multiscreen devices.
"Connecting a TV headend and numerous content consumption devices to the open Internet triggers a multitude of security challenges for operators like Columbus" explained Tom Jahr, EVP products & partners, Conax. "Together with strategic partners Cubiware and MPS Broadband, Conax has created Conax Xtend Multiscreen, an end-to-end multiscreen broadcast platform with focus on security, flexibility and cost efficiency. I firmly believe the highly skilled teams at Columbus are pioneers in IP based TV distribution and will experience great success and take market share in their region."