NAB 2013 News

NAB 2013: LiveU offers LU2 for doubling news delivery bandwidth over cellular

Michelle Clancy | 08-04-2013
LiveU, which provides portable live video-over-cellular content delivery for news teams and other live broadcasts, is introducing LU2, a modular solution combining two LiveU field units for scenarios where additional resiliency is needed.
Using the LU2 concept, operators can increase the number of connections, boosting the uplink bandwidth when needed, by connecting an additional LiveU unit with a standard Ethernet cable.
The first implementation, the LU402, combines two LU40-S units together in a lightweight backpack (under 4lbs, including batteries), providing up to 12 connections for scenarios where additional resiliency is needed. Meanwhile, the LU402 GUI is controlled remotely by a standard smartphone.
The launch complements the Xtender, LiveU's wireless external antenna, which can be combined with any LiveU product, and offers up to 13 cellular connections.
"The new LU2 modular approach allows customers to add connections on the spot, as needed, in challenging scenarios such as crowded areas and remote locations," said Samuel Wasserman , LiveU's CEO. "With the LiveU stamp of excellence, this concept offers a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for HD live video transmission anywhere, anytime."
LiveU owns the patent for cellular bonding for remote news gathering in the US and other countries.