NAB 2013: Signiant gets extreme with the cloud

Editor | 07-04-2013
File sharing solutions provider Signiant has released two new products for cloud-based file transfer and file validation.
The new Media Shuttle file sharing solution adds file sharing capabilities to Signiant's existing SaaS solution designed to deliver large media files with speed and cost efficiency, that, says the company, makes the product an FTP replacement option in an era where it believes media executives are increasingly concerned about FTP’s security, and other typical cloud-based file sharing options’ security.
The new file sharing features are designed to allow multiple users to upload and download content from a shared file system with the ease of use and security that cloud-based systems are attributed with.
Signiant claims that the new Media Shuttle is the industry’s first only extreme file sharing solution that can send, share and submit multi-GB files fast, easily and securely.
Complementing this is the CloudSpeX, a file validation application that matches file types and metadata against a cloud-based directory of published specifications to ensure that assets comply with customer-defined delivery format requirements.
“At a time when files keep getting bigger and timelines shorter, Media Shuttle lightens the workload of users and IT administrators alike,” said Rick Clarkson, Signiant’s Vice President of Product Management. “It provides a secure, easy-to-use alternative to consumer-grade file sharing options from a company that has made its name addressing the complex file movement challenges of some of the most demanding media environments. Every day now we’re receiving more accolades from media organisations everywhere on the enormous time and cost savings of this approach.”