claims first with in-target audience optimisation tool

Editor | 07-04-2013
Asserting that for the industry the key issues are measurement, quality and cost, has launched what it claims is the industry’s first in-target audience optimisation tool which increases the effectiveness of online video advertising.
Using Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, the video advertising platform provider says that it is using the analyst's data to offer advertisers a comparable GRP metric for TV and online video advertising. Indeed in doing so, believes that it can help the sector become more closely aligned with its linear TV equivalent.
In operation, allows advertisers to buy online TV media and report on campaigns using Gross Ratings Points (GRP). It lets advertisers evaluate campaigns on a ‘like-for-like’ basis and make decisions on how to allocate budgets across multiple channels. Moreover it claims that it offers an advantage in that previously online measurement terms such as unique visitors, completion and click-through rates were the only option for digital campaigns, making it difficult to compare them to ones run on TV.
“GRPs, a measure of how many people see an ad and how often, are the ‘primary metric’ used for buying and selling for many advertisers,” said Andrew Bradford, VP client consulting, media, at Nielsen. “Using the same measurement for online video ads makes it straightforward for TV buyers to relate online to TV, with which they are already familiar. This should encourage more fluid, multiplatform spending by ensuring a clear sight of whether advertisers’ campaigns are reaching the right audience.”