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    tm 5402

    I need some help.
    I have tm 5402 and I have been play with I havent got any channels or sat to search .
    First I had a channel and after deleted it I couldnt bring back (I had try all kinds of search) then I try to use TP Updater v2.2.2 and TM- channel editor and that is where everthing gone..
    Any help please

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    Re: tm 5402

    Hi Have you tried to do a Factory Reset. This will restore all sats and TP's back as they were originally.


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    Re: tm 5402

    was the first think I did.But now it fixed.
    Many thanks

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    Re: tm 5402

    HI. I was wondering if any other members have had this problem with their TM5402 receivers. Problem is when i tune in Freq 12476H s/r 29900 it tunes in the channels ok ie FRTV, FLTV, SUPERTENNIS HD etc but i am unable to view the channels as it comes up either with NO VIDEO/AUDIO or NO SIGNAL messages although the signal strength is pretty strong. All the other TP's and channels etc are working fine. I am sure its not an alignment or LNB problem as the channels are being tuned in . I am beginning to think it may be a software issue with my receiver or they maybe some kind of testing going on with this particular TP. I am using patch 127. if any other members can shed some light on this problem either way i would be grateful.

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