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NAB 2013: BBC makes commercial launch of Stagebox

Editor | 09-04-2013
With the launch of Stagebox, the BBC is claiming to have launched the first truly standards-based product that allows the entire end-to-end production process to be put directly onto the Internet.
Stagebox comprises a broadcast production device that attaches to the back of a camera and is designed to enable programme makers to link multiple cameras and move HD content over standard IP networks.
With the launch, the BBC believes that it has created the last piece of the broadcast puzzle to move fully onto IP, connecting the cameras, microphones, feeds and talent directly to the editing process.
Commented Nick Pinks, a technology transfer manager in BBC R&D: "Audiences are already accustomed to viewing content via IP, through BBC iPlayer, YouView and a host of different Internet-connected televisions and game consoles ... There are some clear and compelling benefits to IP production, as programme-makers can stream professional quality footage to any gallery or post-production team with an Internet connection in real-time, wherever they may be."
Pinks argued that IP production can help other types of programming to reduce cost, complexity and time-to-air. Indeed, he said that one Stagebox attached to a camera and connected to the Internet is all a broadcaster would need to send a full broadcast spec HD feed direct to a remote gallery, removing the need for an expensive, temporary, local broadcast centre.