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NAB 2013: Cisco, Fox collaborate on Ethernet-only video transport mechanism

Editor | 09-04-2013
After making a spate of strategic moves in the video industry, notably the buyout of NDS, Cisco has unveiled a slate of video plays based on its core Videoscape Unity solution.
The fundamental aim for Videoscape is to help global media companies and service providers better engage with their customers and address challenges with delivering video across screens. Part of this involves a collaboration with Fox Broadcasting on a proof-of-concept demo that explores the impact of using Ethernet as the sole medium for carrying live, uncompressed video in a broadcast studio.
Fox is investigating taking Ethernet into the production facility, and is working with Cisco to provide video back-office and data centre implementations.
For its part, Cisco says that there are a number of key advantages to using Ethernet as the backbone. It argues that Ethernet would allow unprecedented flexibility for video processing, allowing new servers to be quickly and easily programmed to address production needs. For example, it says that Ethernet in a production environment offers significant flexibility and cost efficiencies with its multiplexing ability offering the possibility of reducing the number of physical connections that need to be made.
Chuck Stucki, vice president and general manager, multiplatform distribution business, Cisco Service Provider Video Technology Group, comments: "Videoscape Unity creates an opportunity to connect broadcasting, multiscreen distribution, and immersive end-user experiences, through an open and flexible architecture ... We are also very excited to showcase for the first time, our Ethernet proof-of-concept demo with Fox Broadcasting. The promise of Ethernet-based live video production will soon be realised, [with] Ethernet [becoming] the glue that connects production facility equipment together."