Rediff makes News App free

Louise Duffy | 09-04-2013
Indian news, entertainment and shopping portal has enhanced its Rediff News app, which will now bring news from more than 30,000 Indian and international sources to users for free.
As well as the latest news on, the new app aggregates news from Reuters, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Times of India, The Economic Times, and The Hindu, among others.
Rediff's app, which was launched on Android, is now extended to run on iOS, BlackBerry, Windows 8, Java and Symbian platforms.
Ajit Balakrishnan, chairman and CEO, said: “The Indian mobile internet user base is expected to grow exponentially on the back of initiatives by the government of India and leading Indian telecom
service providers. Our launch of the Rediff News app that can work on almost all mobile phones provides users with better access to worldwide news and enhances search functionality. This is part of our continued strategy of enhancing our offerings to improve the Rediff user experience and positions Rediff to take advantage of future growth opportunities.”