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Thread: openbox x5 channel list 9/4/13

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    openbox x5 channel list 9/4/13

    hi all I made a new channel list for the openbox x5 as as of 9/4/13 as nobody seemed to want to share or have a list for sky 28.8e so I decided to put one together. I have used the sky guide tv listing to order the channels form 101 up to about 700 hope you all injoy. no favourites listing feel free to download the list and even work on it a bit then upload it back on here but please use the listing on sky to keep it consistent. sanges
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    Re: openbox x5 channel list 9/4/13

    i don't see any list :) can you copy and past the list instead of rar file ?

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    Re: openbox x5 channel list 9/4/13

    how to use it?

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