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NAB 2013: Fraunhofer extends DASH streaming ecosystem

Jane Wolfe | 10-04-2013
Audiovisual standards inventor Fraunhofer IIS has teamed up with cross-platform video streaming technologies provider Unified Streaming (USP) to combine their adaptive streaming expertise to boost streaming video.
The collaboration is designed to extend the ecosystem for HE-AAC MPEG-DASH streaming, enabling broadcasters and service providers to deliver the best possible MPEG-DASH (dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP) streaming experience for video and audio-only services.
The two parties say that HE-AAC has emerged as the global standard for broadcasting and streaming multimedia content, including Internet radio or Web TV, digital radio and digital television. It is natively supported by Android Jelly Bean, iOS, Windows 7/8, Mac OS, the leading HTML5 browsers. Therefore, says Fraunhofer and USP, service providers in many cases only need to encode their content in a single audio format, HE-AAC Multichannel.
The two companies are also members of the DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) consortium which promotes the adoption of the new adaptive streaming standard.
"USP enables broadcasters and service providers such as the BBC or RTL Nederland to stream media content from one unified source to multiple clients and devices to ensure scalable high quality video delivery," said Dirk Griffioen, CEO of Unified Streaming. "USP transforms industry standard webservers to powerful streaming servers adding Fraunhofer's HE-AAC for a rich and immersive multichannel experience."
"Fraunhofer's HE-AAC codec in combination with USP's extensive streaming know-how creates a very powerful tool for the encoding and packaging of content for real-world MPEG-DASH deployments," added Harald Popp, head of the Multimedia Realtime Systems department at Fraunhofer IIS. "On the playback side, we partnered with DASH client implementers such as BuyDRM and castLabs to enable a secure end-to-end ecosystem for the use of HE-AAC Multichannel in streaming"