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NAB 2013: Dolby, Philips and CAMERON | PACE aim to resurrect 3D

Editor | 10-04-2013
"Only by looking as good as this can 3D succeed," says Dolby, and attempting to enable the technology find some momentum it has entered into a partnership with Philips Electronics and CAMERON | PACE Group (CPG).
The collaboration will see Dolby integrate its 3D format into CPG's 3D video content production workflow and to collaborate on the use of the Dolby 3D format.
All parties believe that glasses-free 3D presentation in the home can be improved by delivering premium quality autostereoscopic 3D content using the Dolby 3D format which comprises a suite of technologies for the creation, delivery, and playback of glasses-free 3D content, producing autostereoscopic images with what is claimed to be "lifelike realism". In addition to eliminating the need for glasses, Dolby 3D is also attributed with having no narrow "sweet spot," so viewers can enjoy the sharpest images, regardless of where they sit.
GPG, whose co-founders are Vince Pace and legendary Hollywood director James Cameron, has, despite every setback, kept faith with 3D through the development of products, solutions and creative tools for use across all media channels. The company believes that it has considerable expertise that helps content producers realise the full potential of 3D as a new, immersive, and powerful storytelling medium.
Commenting on the deal with Dolby and Philips, Vince Pace said: "James Cameron broke new ground in entertainment with his use of 3D in film, but it's been a challenge to bring his vision to the home and to smartphones and tablets ...The Dolby 3D format gives filmmakers the means to bring an artistic vision through production and distribution all the way to presentation, while delivering what we believe to be the best possible 3D experience to consumers without the need for special glasses."
Added Roland Vlaicu, senior director, broadcast imaging, Dolby Laboratories: "James Cameron and Vince Pace's artistic and technological vision make CPG a great partner in our quest to make glasses-free 3D successful for creative professionals, broadcast networks, consumer electronics manufacturers, and ultimately for consumers."