NAB 2013: Cox to bring the Masters Golf Tournament to Virginia TV in 3D

Michelle Clancy | 10-04-2013
In partnership with ESPN 3D, Cox Communications has announced that Cox Advanced TV Plus customers in Virginia will have the option to view coverage of the Masters Golf Tournament on the ESPN 3D channel 896.
The tournament takes place from 11-14 April 2013.
"We are thrilled to offer special ESPN 3D programming to Cox customers just in time for the Masters this weekend," said Betty Jo Roberts, vice president of field marketing for Cox Virginia. "For those customers who haven't experienced 3D technology, we encourage them to stop by one of our Cox Solutions Stores to catch a demo of 3D TV in action to see what it's all about."
Specific equipment and minimum levels of service are required to access Cox channel 896. Customers will need a 3D-compatible television, a subscription to Cox Advanced TV (including Essential TV), Cox HD service and an advanced Cox high-definition or HD/DVR Trio receiver with HDMI to be able to watch special 3D coverage.
The telecast will use six to nine separate cameras, and the announcer and graphics will be specific to the 3D programming.
Customers who do not have a 3D television will still be able to catch full coverage of the Masters Tournament telecast live on ESPN starting 11 April 2013.