Euronews diversifies towards science with YouTube knowledge channel

Parent Category: News | 10-04-2013

Euro international news Channel Euronews has announced the launch of a channel on YouTube, fully dedicated to science and knowledge.
Called Euronews Knowledge, this Web TV portal, which may become a linear TV channel in the future, has been launched in partnership with Michael Stevens, who edits Vsauce, the most viewed science and technology channel on YouTube.
Euronews Knowledge will kick-off on 19 April in English, and later in all Euronews languages, from the Kourou base in French Guiana, where Michael Stevens will attend the launch of Europe's new space craft Vega.
This operation will be produced in partnership with the European Space Agency.
The channel is one of the 60 premium channels in Europe and the 13 French ones launched on YouTube since the autumn of 2012.
Euronews Knowledge will deliver space and science news as well as weekly theme shows.
According to Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews, YouTube is "a platform truly complementary to Euronews TV viewing," and other projects are under way.
At the same Time, Euronews is upgrading the content and formats of its other existing YouTube channels which have been underway since 2007. Those feeds in 12, soon to be 13, languages total 7.2 million unique visitors a month.
Such a strategy aims at meeting the user's experience of receiving the right content on the right platform at the right time.
To achieve that goal, Euronews has set up a new corporate organisation based on a "product marketing" approach applied to each existing and new mode of consumption, whether digital or not. It no longer leans on the TV everywhere policy but rather on content which has to be customised to all the various platforms.
Such a pyramidal product marketing method is changing the way Euronews now works in-house.
The channel, which has also turned to digital radio, Web TV, connected TV, VOD and mobile apps, is already no more than just a traditional TV channel, says Peters.
Euronews is inviting its partners and media groups to enter this new dimension by assisting them with their content creation and audience acquisition strategies.