Film Four & Film Four +1: 12-04-2013.

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11:00The Desert Fox[SUB BW HD]German commander Rommel falls out of favour with Hitler following his defeat at El Alamein. On returning to his homeland, he is torn between his oath of loyalty and lack of faith in the Fuehrer's unstable leadership, prompting him to become involved in an assassination plot. Second World War drama, starring James Mason, Jessica Tandy, Cedric Hardwicke, Leo G Carroll and Luther AdlerFilm/War

12:45Howl's Moving CastleA girl earns the enmity of a spiteful witch, and is placed under a curse that turns her into an old woman. Taking shelter in the walking castle of a famed wizard, she encounters the demon who enables the building to move, and who offers to dispel the enchantment - if she helps to free him. Spirited Away director Hayao Miyazaki's fantasy, based on Diana Wynne Jones' novel. With the voices of Chieko Baisho and Takuya Kimura. In JapaneseFilm/Animated Movie/Drama

15:05The Belles of St Trinian's[SUB BW]The mischievous schoolgirls hope to get rich quick by betting on a racehorse belonging to a classmate's wealthy father. However, they first have to foil a gang of thieves planning to steal the animal and outwit an undercover policewoman sent to infiltrate the school disguised as a teacher. Comedy, starring Alastair Sim, Joyce Grenfell and George ColeFilm/Comedy

16:55Crocodile Dundee[SUB HD]A New York reporter searches the Australian Outback for a maverick hunter with a legendary reputation, and invites the adventurer back to America. But the die-hard Aussie needs to draw on all his survival skills to adjust to life in the urban jungle. Comedy adventure, written by and starring Paul Hogan, with Linda Kozlowski, John Meillon and Mark BlumFilm/Comedy

18:45Runaway Bride[SUB HD]A disreputable journalist hopes to get his ailing career back on track by writing an article about a commitment-shy woman famed for ditching bridegrooms at the altar - but complications arise when the pair meet on the eve of her latest attempt at marriage. Romantic comedy, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, with Joan Cusack, Hector Elizondo and Rita WilsonFilm/Comedy

21:00Knowing[SUB AD HD]Widowed astrophysicist John Koestler decodes a page of numbers revealing the dates of past and future global disasters. While racing to avert a succession of catastrophes, he realises the numbers point toward a final apocalypse. Mystery thriller, starring Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne and Chandler CanterburyFilm/Detective/Thriller/Mystery

23:20Evil Dead II[SUB HD]Hapless Ash takes his girlfriend to a remote cabin in the woods, only for her to be killed and possessed by evil spirits. As a motley group of strangers turns up, they too find themselves under attack from demonic entities, leaving Ash the task of fending off the forces of darkness with his trusty chainsaw. Sam Raimi's comic horror sequel, starring Bruce Campbell and Sarah BerryFilm/Horror/Comedy

01:00Fish StoryThe world faces destruction in an iminent collision with a comet. However, a record shop owner is convinced the key to saving the human race lies in an obscure 1975 punk single, that in decades past has played a pivotal role in a number of strange events. Comedy drama, starring Kengo Kora and Vincent Giry. In JapaneseFilm/Comedy/General Movie/Drama