Hi there

could someone please advise me what i need to install CCcam or newcamd in humax 5400 so i can use an N-line. I have a serial to ethernet converter and i am able to ping the ip address no problem but i do not know how to install cccam or newcamd on the humax 5400 so i can connect to the server.

I have managed to change ip address and ping it on the network using a crossover cable and now am trying to get a humax 5400 to accept an nline. I read on other forums that there was a patched firmware for the hummy to recognize tcp ip protocol and i believe it already had cccam and newcamd in it already. I have ToH34_HoT115 installed but I cannot find server software to insert nline or newcamd line.

Any advice on a firmware or tutorial to be able to use the humax 5400 with nline would be appreciated

thanking you in advance