Mufti to host Tunisian TV show

Rebecca Hawkes | 16-04-2013

Tunisia's top religious authority is to host a weekly television programme on state-run channel Al Wataniya, to reportedly clear up the country's growing confusion over Islamic law since the revolution.

Othman Bttikh, the Mufti of Tunisia, hopes the programme will help counter the misleading opinions or fatwas that he believes are causing divisions in the North African country, according to Tunisia Live.
"The Tunisian people are a moderate people," Othman Bttikh is quoted as saying by Tunisia Live. "Some of the fatwas are contradictory and out of touch with our culture.
"The media plays a major role in shaping public opinion," he added.
The Mufti is considered a moderate Islamic voice, appointed by the Islamist Ennahdha party which now governs Tunisia. The prime minister has reportedly endorsed this new television show.
The move is considered a significant one in Tunisia's cultural evolution: restrictions were placed on religious expression in public life under the rule of the deposed president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.