Fewer media organisations to create new roles in 2013

Editor | 16-04-2013

The UK economy in general may be suffering and the media industry is feeling its share of the pain, according to the latest Barclays Job Creation Survey.

The survey for 2013, which questioned over 700 UK businesses, has revealed that 56% of firms in the media sector will be creating new jobs this year, ten percentage points less than that revealed in 2012 and now consistent with the national cross sector average.The survey also revealed that 84% of media firms are not expecting to lose jobs this year.
Looking at what types of roles will be created, just over a quarter (28%) of media firms said they would create senior management roles and 91% would be creating middle management or skilled positions. This compares with 39% and 83% respectively in the previous year. New entry-level roles were planned 39% of media firms, a fall of nine percentage points year on year.
Commenting on these findings, Sam Kemp, corporate director, Barclays Technology, Media and Telecoms team, concluded that the data showed it was “positive” to see that the media industry was still looking to create new roles and most not planning to lose jobs despite the challenging economic conditions. “As consumers spend increasing amounts of time consuming TV and going to the cinema there will continue to be a need for talented people to work in the industry,” added Kemp.
“In the digital marketing space we have also seen significant growth as big brands look to develop different ways of connecting with consumers. Naturally, these brands will need strong teams in place to help achieve these aspirations.”